Bing Zhang is an international student from China currently studying a Bachelor of Business Administration specialising in Marketing at the University of Tasmania.

“To be honest,” says Bing, “I always thought there  was some special link between myself and the University of Tasmania: I had never heard about Tasmania before but  I joined an exchange program with the university in China which had a partnership with UTAS and through that we were brought together.”   

“Life  in Tasmania is  different to what we are used to in China. The lifestyle here is well-balanced. The fresh air and fascinating natural scenes are also unforgettable. There  is a whole new life for me to explore!”

Whilst Bing is keeping his options open, he hasn’t started a part-time job and suggests it will be more worthwhile for him to focus on study and to unlock his potential in the future.

“With my degree from the University of Tasmania, I think there will be a broad range of jobs that I can try when I graduate. But the most important thing for me is to focus on study at the moment and try to develop my own area of interest. It is of course necessary for me to take advantage of any work opportunities as well.”

Bing said his favourite memory during study involved an eventful trip with friends to Bruny Island last year.

“When our car broke down on the way to Bruny Island in the south of Tasmania, some local drivers passing by all stopped and helped us to call roadside assistance and to move our car aside. And when they heard we were international students, they also shared some tips in dealing with car breakdowns.”

“This was such a special Tasmanian experience. My friends and I were all very grateful for their friendly, kind help.”

Through his study, Bing would like to share some of own helpful tips with other students.

“When I arrived at Hobart, I started to learn how to  time manage by myself. It was hard at first, but I benefited a lot  from this.”

“Another important challenge for international students, especially Chinese students, might be English. But please try to use it as much as you can. Don’t be shy to talk to your local classmates, they are all very friendly. And they are always happy to help.”

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