My name is Billy Beas, I am from Peru and I completed a Master of Economic Geology from the University of Tasmania in 2014.

I am now working as a geologist for Minera La Zanja SRL (Cia. De Minas Buenaventura, SAA). I prospect around our mine site at Cajamarca (Northern Peru), to increase gold resources and develop drilling campaigns. It has been through the new techniques that CODES teaches that I have been able to continuously make the right decisions for exploring.

I chose to study at the University of Tasmania because it is home to CODES, making it one of the top ranking centres of study for geology in the world.

CODES is the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits (CODES). It was formed in 1989 at the University of Tasmania, and has grown substantially over the years and become widely regarded as a global leader in ore deposit research.

With 35 highly qualified research staff and over 100 postgraduate students, CODES and the University of Tasmania have cemented their position as the largest university-based team of ore deposit researchers in the world.

Having access to and support from this team of researchers was definitely the highlight of my experience at the University of Tasmania.

It is quite tough to do a thesis in a language other than your native one, but the professionals at the University of Tasmania are the best. The meetings with my supervisors were always really helpful and the friends that I made in Hobart gave me a lot of support to get through my Master’s degree and I value their support to this day.

I would definitely recommend the University of Tasmania to other students for two very important reasons. First, the new techniques taught at the University of Tasmania have made me more competitive in the industry and afforded me an excellent career. Second, the University of Tasmania hosts a wide range of people from different nationalities which is invaluable.

Being in Tassie was spectacular and the experience opened my mind and gave me the knowledge to be patient and respectful of others.

My advice… Make as many friends as you can, the human being was made  to live in society, and living in this bountiful multicultural setting was amazing!

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