Tasmania has caught the attention of the world with its stunning landscapes and thriving arts and culture scene. But Tasmania’s tourism boom has created a labour shortage, with government and business saying the state won’t be able to meet the industry’s burgeoning demands if skilled workers cannot be found.

The Deloitte Access Economics’ Australian Tourism Labour Force report estimates a shortage of 38,000 workers in the tourism industry across Australia. On top of existing shortfalls, Tasmania will require an additional 2,000 more skilled workers over the next five years to meet the sector demands.

Workers with a variety of skills in tourism, hospitality and construction are urgently required. These range from tourism managers and marketing specialists, all the way through to architects, chefs, and electricians.

The Tasmanian government, tourism industry and University of Tasmania are working together to encourage more people to enter the tourism and related industries.

Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania chief executive Luke Martin told The Mercury newspaper that working in the industry was a fantastic career path.

“I reaffirm that for young people or for people looking for a career change they should have a serious look at tourism and hospitality in Tasmania,” he said.

“We have a number of new hotels opening in Hobart in the next few years and they’re going to need a lot of staff.

“Similarly in the regional areas they’ll be looking for skilled people who know the bush, have outdoor skills and have a good rapport with people.”

Tasmanian Senator and federal Tourism Minister Richard Colbeck, also speaking to The Mercury, reinforced this view, saying that more skilled workers in regional Australia “will be crucial to ensuring the tourism industry can handle the predicted strong growth in traveller numbers.”

The University of Tasmania, which has been holding forums with the Tasmanian government and tourism heads to develop growth strategies for the industry, is supporting training for people wanting to enter these growth industries.

“We’ve been offering a number of degrees specifically aimed at producing highly skilled, work ready graduates for the tourism and hospitality industries.” said Mr Ben Jones, executive director of the University of Tasmania’s International Office.

Our international students bring a wealth of cultural knowledge, language skills and a global perspective which the Tasmania tourism sector could benefit from. At the same time, we have a growing niche industry which graduates of our university gain an intimate knowledge of during their studies – it’s a win-win situation for everyone and something we fully intend expanding.”

The University of Tasmania offers a number of degrees relating to tourism and hospitality. These include two Bachelor of Business Administration degrees specialising in hospitality management and tourism management, respectively, as well as a number of business, science and arts degrees and subjects providing graduates with relevant management and interpretation skills.

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