Do you have a passion for protecting the environment? Mitigating climate change? Tackling illegal poaching? Or perhaps preserving ancient cultural sites are more your thing?

As the wonders of the world become increasingly more vulnerable a whole new range of jobs are opening up around the globe aimed at protecting and managing these unique treasures.

To ensure there are people who are suitably qualified and up to handling these important and in-demand jobs, the University of Tasmania together with world leaders in protected areas, including the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, have developed a Master of Protected Area Governance and Management.

Designed for middle to senior governance or management roles, you will learn all about governance, planning and management practice in government, private and community-based protected areas. And it doesn’t just cover protected areas on land. You’ll learn about freshwater and marine protected areas, cultural heritage and a whole host of other pressing issues essential to your work in senior management roles.

You’ll also have the added benefit of studying in Tasmania. With almost half the Australian state being protected terrestrial or marine reserves, including world renowned world heritage sites, you will be able to experience first-hand a variety of management practices and legislation in play as well as learn from highly experienced practitioners, a number of whom are on the course steering committee.

So whether you’re wanting to work on the front line with communities affected by climate change, at a diplomatic level negotiating cross-border fisheries protection initiatives, or at policy level developing options for managing tourism at a world heritage site, the Master of Protected Area Governance and Management will help you achieve your goals.

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Photo courtesy of Tourism Tasmania