If you’re looking for a postgraduate business degree that offers hands on industry and strategic consultancy experience in a global context, the University of Tasmania has introduced the new Industry and Innovation Program (IIP). The IIP dovetails with the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the specialisation of the Master of Business Administration (MBAS) – as well as the specialisation courses of the Masters of International Business (MIBS) and the Master of Professional Accounting (MPAS).

The program consists of an intensive study tour as well as an industry placement, and culminates in involvement in strategic business planning.

The intensive study tour is designed to bring together your theoretical learning with hands on experience to give an in-depth understanding of the complexities of business operations from a managerial perspective.  Based within Tasmania, tours will be focused ensuring overseas students develop an understand the industrial sectors, business cultures, and economics of Tasmania and Australia.

On return from the study tour, you undertake an industry work placement. Unlike work experience units offered by some institutions, the University of Tasmania arranges the placement for you ensuring a hassle-free and quality learning experience.

As the units are run over the Australian spring-summer semesters, you are still able to complete your degree in the usual period, reducing the time you spend out of your career, while maximising the benefits gained at university.

Students studying at other universities are also able to take advantage of this program to further strengthen their business credentials. Those candidates wishing to undertake the program should simply seek confirmation from their current university that credit will be granted to their current masters.

If you’d like more information contact us or apply now!