Tasmania has caught the attention of the world with its stunning landscapes and thriving arts and culture scene. But Tasmania’s tourism boom has created a labour shortage, with government and business saying the state won’t be able to meet the industry’s burgeoning demands if skilled workers cannot be found.

This is great news for international students, who often seek to find part-time or casual employment within the tourism and hospitality industry when they arrive in Australia, to help fund their time spent abroad.

The Deloitte Access Economics’ Australian Tourism Labour Force report estimates a shortage of 38,000 workers in the tourism industry across Australia. On top of existing shortfalls, Tasmania will require an additional 2,000 more skilled workers over the next five years to meet the sector demands.

Workers with a variety of skills in tourism, hospitality and construction are urgently required. These range from tourism managers and marketing specialists, all the way through to architects, chefs, and electricians.

Given the vibrant nightlife and multicultural restaurant scenes in Hobart and Launceston where two of the University of Tasmania campuses are located, many international students find part-time work in the burgeoning hospitality industry.

For some students, they are able to work in a restaurants or cafes that sell their native cuisine, and it provides a great way for them to connect with local Tasmanians who share similar cultural heritage.

As student Alexander Lim found out, working in hospitality is also an amazing way to connect with local Tasmanians and make new friends. He loves working in a popular italian restaurant near to the Sandy Bay campus in Hobart, the state’s capital.

‘As a waiter, it’s a great experience and I got to meet a lot of other University of Tasmania students that worked there too! I loved performing magic tricks for customers!’ he says.

The Tasmanian government, tourism industry and University of Tasmania are working together to encourage more people to enter the tourism and related industries.

‘Our international students bring a wealth of cultural knowledge, language skills and a global perspective which the Tasmania tourism sector could benefit from. At the same time, we have a growing niche industry which graduates of our university gain an intimate knowledge of during their studies – it’s a win-win situation for everyone and something we fully intend expanding,’ said Mr Ben Jones, executive director of the University of Tasmania’s International Office.

But while students may seek to work in hospitality alongside their degrees, many international students are also eager to find work after graduating in a field relevant to their degree.

As part of obtaining an Australian visa, there are a wide breadth of career paths that are in demand – from finance, to engineering, to medicine and health and other professions.

For more information check out Tasmanian State Government’s website http://www.migration.tas.gov.au/graduates or search this blog to find profiles of our successful international student graduates who have gone on to an exciting range of careers both in Australia and internationally.

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