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The University of Tasmania (UTAS) and global business social-networking giant, LinkedIn, have joined forces to help future students anticipate where their chosen degrees might take them in the future.

By harnessing the power of LinkedIn’s social networking data, UTAS offers prospective students the opportunity to connect with UTAS graduates about their careers and how their UTAS degrees helped them achieve their career goals.

The LinkedIn-UTAS project achieves this painlessly. A prospective student signs in with their Linkedin profile, and chooses their desired area of study. LinkedIn then identifies UTAS alumni who have a degree of connection to the student. The prospective student can examine the career profile of the alumni and has the opportunity to connect with any of the alumni who are of interest to them.

Executive Director of the University’s International Office, Mr Ben Jones, said this provides students with a far more realistic idea of what to expect from courses they are considering pursuing.

“Universities often provide only vague outlines of career outcomes students might expect from a given degree,” Mr Jones explained. “But in reality, if you study say Law, the chances are that in ten years’ time you won’t be practising in a corporate law firm. Depending on your background and interests, you could be a political adviser, a journalist, or working in human rights in The Hague. Being able to connect to alumni with similar backgrounds and interests to you can give you far better insights into what your future might hold than any advertising brochure.”

The LinkedIn-UTAS functionality is not the first innovative approach UTAS has taken to help students envisage life during and after study at the University.

Last year, prospective students around the globe were able for the first time to view the University’s campuses and faculties’ facilities through virtual reality cardboard glasses, giving them a close to real taste of their future home. Prospective medical and health science students were also introduced to virtual tours of the University’s world-class teaching facilities and sample lectures.

Students interested in taking a look into their future careers can test out the LinkedIn-UTAS project at

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