Knowing you want to study law overseas is one thing. But not all law degrees are created equal: study at many universities around the world and you’ll quickly discover that despite holding that precious law degree, you can’t actually use it to practice in all those glamorous places you have on your bucket list – including your home country!

The University of Tasmania’s law degree not only comes with a sandstone pedigree with more than a century of graduates ranging from supreme court judges, barristers, solicitors and public prosecutors to politicians – it is also formally recognised and accredited in a large number of Commonwealth countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, India, South Africa, New Zealand and most Pacific nations.

And now you can add another work destination to your wish list: the beautiful island state of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan students wishing to return home to work, or other students wishing to practice in Sri Lanka in the future, can study our Bachelor of Laws in the knowledge that their degree is recognised as an entry qualification for direct admission to the Sri Lanka Law College.

Of course, should you decide to stay on in Australia and complete our Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, you will also be eligible for admission as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Tasmania and in other Australian jurisdictions.

All our law programs strongly emphasise transferable skills, so no matter where you decide to work you’ll be equipped to succeed not only in a legal career but also paths such as commerce or politics.

If you’re considering a law degree and want to discuss your options, please contact us for more information.

We’re also taking applications for June/July 2016 (commencing with LAW121 Introduction to Law Winter School) start, so don’t miss out. Apply now!