Want to get work ready while you study? I-PREP is the solution

International students participating in the University of Tasmania’s successful I-PREP Program are boosting their employability skills through this exciting career preparation program.

Designed specifically to help prepare international students for work after graduation, the program teaches you about Australian workplace culture and helps you prepare resumes and apply for jobs.

While finding employment in a foreign country can be daunting, I-PREP gives you the help needed to ensure that you feel confident about applying for work and participating in the Australian workforce.

The program consists of three key elements:

  • an education workshop about Australian workplace culture, communication skills, and the job application process;
  • a merit-based recruitment and selection process to identify work-ready students; and
  • an internship position within a Tasmanian organisation so you can practically apply your skills and improve your employability for the future.

Some of the interesting career-boosting skills students are taught include:

  • building a professional brand and a purposeful online social media presence;
  • identifying  career goals and building transferable employability skills; and
  • experiencing networking opportunities with past international students.

Some students are even undertaking internships within industry to gain valuable work experience that looks great on a CV.

Have you always dreamt of working in Australia? Apply now for a high-quality course at the University of Tasmania and apply for the I-PREP program once you’re enrolled.

Do you have an outstanding offer to study at UTAS? Accept now and take the first steps towards a successful career.