The University of Tasmania’s (UTAS) rankings have risen further in a highly regarded international ranking scheme, positioning itself in the top 300 universities worldwide for the first time.

A position this high in the rankings is highly coveted, placing the university at the pinnacle of a global field of about 24,000 top research universities, ranked annually by the respected Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

Prior to 2010, the University of Tasmania had placed consistently at around 400 but on this excellent foundation it has steadily climbed the ARWU list over the past six years to place at 294 this year.

University of Tasmania Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Rathjen said the sustained rise in international rankings was reflective of the institution’s focus on globally impactful research.

“Our intent is to be world-class in all respects so that our students receive a world-class qualification, so that our university attracts the best and brightest, and so that we grow together on a foundation of meaningful and globally impactful research,” Professor Rathjen said.

“This thirst for excellence is seen in our recruitment of outstanding scholars from around the world, and our focus on key research themes that tackle deeply complex and pressing challenges.”

There are a number of rankings released by organisations throughout the world and the ARWU is widely considered to be one of the most influential. The ARWU rankings are created using a range of indicators including the number of alumni winning major prizes, the number of academic citations and the number of articles in respected journals.

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