Every year, as prospective students start to think about what course to study and where, people start paying more attention to Australian graduate salaries and how each university around the nation performs against each other in terms of graduates’ potential earning capacities.

According to the most recent (and final) Graduate Salaries Survey of 2015, the University of Tasmania excels in this area. With an average graduate salary of $57,547, it is placed in the much-coveted Top 10 of Australian universities.

Across Australia, the average graduate salary in 2015 was $54,000, up from the previous three years, which were relatively stable at $52,500 in 2014, $52,450 in 2013 and $52,000 in 2012.

The gender gap is slowly being bridged, with median starting salaries for male graduates remaining the same across 2014 and 2015 at $55,000, while median starting salaries for female graduates increased in 2015 to $53,000 up from $52,000 in 2014. Not surprisingly, the survey found that graduates in post-graduate courses have better earning potential in the future.

The survey ranks each university’s influence on establishing its graduates’ careers and is based on figures obtained from the past three Australian Graduate Surveys, produced by the Australian Government.

If you’re interested in the survey results you can find out more about salaries for first-time university graduates now.

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