Are you looking for a place to study in peace? Don’t fret!
Here are the top ten places you can hide from your usual noisy surroundings in Hobart or Launceston.

1. Signal Station Brasserie
 108337 The Signal Station is adjacent to the Mount Nelson Signal Station that has breath-taking panoramic views of Hobart, the Derwent River and beyond. It is a very quiet and peaceful cafe where you can study. As an added bonus they have free Wi-Fi!
And if that’s not enough, they have coffee and scones for you to munch on while studying.

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2. Dome Coffee
 125432 Dome Café is where you can let your hair down or put your feet up. Where you can study in peace all day and enjoy the ambience of ‘Old Hobart’. They also have free Wi-Fi!
There are two branches: one in Sandy Bay near the Sandy Bay campus; and also one in town at Elizabeth Street.

Visit here to find out more about Dome Cafe!

 3. University of Tasmania Libraries
utas UTAS comes fully equipped to help students study. While the main Morris Miller Library is a natural hotspot for studying, being right in the heart of the University, the Law Library and other uni libraries at satellite campuses like those at the Menzies Centre and the Tasmanian Centre of  the Arts (TCotA) have comfy environments, online resources, and, of course, Wi-Fi! This goes for the Launceston campus as well. Special hint: TCotA even has jigsaws for when you get bored!!!

Visit the University’s website for more information!

4. Honey Badger Dessert Cafe
honey-badger Honey Badger is smack down in the middle of Salamanca Place, not too far from University. It has free Wi-Fi as well as a nice atmosphere for you to study and relax with their amazing desserts on the side!

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5. Saint David’s Park or Fitzroy Garden
outdoors Nothing is more relaxing than studying in the park. Find an available signal for your laptop or take your organised notes and enjoy the amazing ambiance of chirping birds, the sun on your shoulders and the green leaves rustling with the wind! You can stay out there till the sun goes down.

Saint David’s Park and Fitzroy Garden is a good place to start. Botanic Gardens have free wifi.

6. State Library of Tasmania
state-library There is a state library in Hobart and is not a bad place to go to study, and it comes with free Wi-Fi access. It is a peaceful, quiet place to dwell in your own world while you study!

Visit the library’s website to find out more!

7. Badger & Boots
badger-and-boots Badger & Boots is situated in Launceston. It’s a great place to study with a warm and friendly atmosphere and you are surrounded by a great coffee smell! If you’re looking to relax for a bit, grab one of their many board games to play with friends or meet new people!

Find out more on their facebook page!

8. Amelia Espresso
amelia-espresso Located at George Street (Launceston), Amelia Espresso is a well-loved espresso café with a cosy setting that’s perfect for students to study.

Click here for more information about the cafe!

9. Pop Cafe
pop-cafe Who doesn’t love free Wi-Fi? Located at the heart of a busy street in Hobart CBD, Pop Café is perfect for students who are studying at the Medical Faculty or Conservatorium. They serve great coffee and the cafe is a local favourite to enjoy a good cup of coffee and read the papers.
In the case of students, it’s perfect for catching up on lecture notes.

Visit their facebook page!

10. Home
study-at-home There’s also a good chance you may not want to go out for the day but still want to get your study groove in the move, in which case you can always choose your home. Set up your table and put away all distractions and dedicate your time to understanding your subjects.