Don’t know where you can eat halal food in Tasmania?

Don’t worry! When you’re in Hobart, we’ve got you taken care of as there are lots of places available! Here is a small selection of our favourites, selected and tested (frequently!) by Charmaine and some of her other international friends studying here at UTAS.


1. Kopitiam Singapore Cafe
  Kopitiam Singapore Café is known as the number one for most Malaysian and Singaporean students. They serve a variety of delicious halal meat there and all types of seafood that will tickle your tastebuds. They also serve authentic Malaysian/ Singaporean drinks and desserts. It is definitely the first place you should try! Check out their Facebook page for more information.
2. Kathmandu Cuisine
 kathmandu cuisine  If you appreciate the difference between Nepalese and Indian food or are simply craving good momos, Kathmandu Cuisine is the place for you! Located in Hobart’s central maritime village of Battery Point, with the pristine Southern Ocean waters just nearby, the scallop curry with vegetables is a perfect mix of the local and the international.
 3. Chatterbox
Chatterbox is a Malaysian-Singaporean cafe. They have Nasi Lemak, Laksa and much more. Like many other seafood stores, it is halal! If you’re craving halal meat, be sure to ask the chef before making your order.For more information, visit their Facebook page.
4. Little India
Miss the spicy, tantalising and mouth watering Indian food that you used to have back at home? Worry no more as Little India is the place for you. Everything in the store is halal, from the curries to the naan bread. Little India emanates an aura of being back in Malaysia in the ‘mamak’ store. Exciting? Go try it!Visit their Facebook page for more information.
5. Nando’s
For some international food, there is a place in North Hobart that is halal – Nando’s! Head down to Nando’s and have a good meal there. The whole chicken with one side comes highly recommended as it is enough for 2! Do sign up and collect points if you plan to be a regular customer.Click here for more information about Nando’s!
6. Sakura Sushi Noddle Bar
Have a craving for sushi? Sakura serves seafood sushi and it tastes amazing. The downside of Sakura is that their meat is not halal, only the seafood. So if sushi is to your liking, have a go at Sakura!Check out their website by clicking here.
 7. Sawak Cafe
    Are you Malaysian and feeling homesick because you miss those hawker food stalls? This is the place to go! There serve great seafood dishes here and they sometimes also have halal meat (just ask them).Want to know more? Click here!
8. The Saffron Waterfront Indian Restaurant
 Saffron  The Saffron‘s authentic North Indian and Kashmiri meals are all delicious. However, the chefs are happy to accommodate requests for special dishes outside of the regular menu, and all meat dishes are prepared using halal meat. Select seafood and vegetables are also chosen for freshness and flavour, and meals are always cooked fresh every day, ensuring a tasty experience for all diners. What’s not to love?!
9. Kebab Rehab
 kebab rehab Kebab Rehab, located in funky North Hobart serves a selection of unique, home-made Lebanese dishes, at reasonable rates. All the food here is halal. The servings are big and the staff are friendly so prepare to be happy after any visit!
10. Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers Pty Ltd
   Finally, if you want to have some home-cooked food of your own recipe, you can buy halal meat at the Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers Pty Ltd at Campbell Street. Their chicken is halal, and you can get started cooking at home!Visit their website here.