Want to study Medicine at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) but worried you won’t get in first try?

Or perhaps you think you’re into the medical research side of things but want to keep your options for a clinical career open,  just in case!

Well, we’ve got some great news for you!

New pathway into Medicine at UTAS

Getting into Medicine is tough. Every year, hundreds of people from around the world apply to UTAS to get in to our medical degree – but there are only 20 places for international students. So lots of applicants miss out.

That’s not great odds, even if you are a brilliant student.

But it’s not all doom and gloom!

If you miss out on direct entry into a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Medicine), there’s now another way of getting into UTAS Medicine. It’s through a new graduate pathway: the Bachelor of Medical Research at the University of Tasmania.

We’ve got up to five (5) competitive positions into Medicine which may be reserved each year for high-performing international students entering Medicine via the three-year Bachelor of Medical Research (MedRes) degree.

Studying MedRes doesn’t guarantee you a place in Medicine BUT the MedRes pathway does give you another chance at getting into Medicine. And if you decide after studying MedRes that Medicine isn’t for you, you’ll now have other options, like graduate entry into health degrees such as physiotherapy and radiology.

And, even better, MedRes also opens up a wide range of other exciting career options in medical research – developing new drugs, refining existing ones, testing new products and figuring out ways to prevent and combat diseases.

The details: how the Medical Research pathway works

If you’d like to enter Medicine via the Bachelor of Medical Research at UTAS there are some conditions you have to meet. You have to:

  • be completing the third and final year of the MedRes degree when you apply;
  • have a distinction average across the three years of your MedRes degree;
  • sit the ISAT exam during your third and final MedRes year, achieving the requisite ISAT entry score set for UTAS Medicine that year;
  • meet all Safety in Practice Agreement requirements (see utas.edu.au/health/professional-experience-placement for further details)

All in all, doing a Bachelor of Medical Research at UTAS is a pretty good choice if you’re into the health and medical sciences. To find out more you can read about the Bachelor of Medical Research in our course pages. Ready to apply to study with us? Start your online application now!