Studying at the University of Tasmania was a dream come true for Master of Pharmaceutical Science student Robiyanto.

Growing up in Indonesia, I had always dreamt about studying abroad, but I didn’t think I could ever afford it by myself.  I feel really grateful to have received a two year AusAid Scholarship so that I can have an opportunity to fulfil my dreams.

I came across the University of Tasmania (UTAS) on the internet when I was hunting for an institution with a top pharmacy school. The fact that it was a sandstone university was appealing to me. I did my graduate diploma here and was so impressed that I am now doing my Masters of Pharmaceutical Science here.

After I finished my undergraduate studies in my home country of Indonesia, I worked as a pharmacy assistant, a tutor and then as a teaching assistant at the Tanjungpura University in my hometown on Borneo Island. My ultimate aim is to become a lecturer. I want to apply the knowledge I get at the University of Tasmania and adopt the teaching methods of the lecturers here.

I am thoroughly enjoying studying at the University of Tasmania. Every day there is always a something new to learn.  The lecturers and staff, especially in the School of Pharmacy, are very friendly, and if you need assistance you only have to ask.

I am currently living in shared accommodation off campus. It’s not too hard to find a place to stay in Hobart. Everyone is very helpful and will give you lots of advice, all you have to do is ask.  I found my current place on Gumtree [a local advertising website].

I have tried as much as possible to be involved in on-campus activities that involve international students.  Meeting my religious requirements has been easy here, and there are plenty of people in the same situation. In fact, during the last fasting period I made many friends from Malaysia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. We fasted together, so there was no need to feel lonely. There is halal food here and the University of Tasmania also has a prayer room.

While I do travel around Tasmania, you really don’t have to travel far away from the UTAS campus to be amazed by the scenery; you have Mount Wellington as a backdrop and in front there is a beautiful view of the Derwent River. I got my first ever glimpse of snow in May and it was amazing.

I have already started recommending the University of Tasmania to my Indonesian friends and colleagues. If you want to have a tremendous experience both on and off campus you have to definitely go to University of Tasmania. It’s not just an academic experience, it’s a life experience.

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