Aries Soria’s decision to pursue nursing at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) was about more than advancing her career and building a new life in Tasmania. This inspirational Filipina student is following her passion to help others.

After graduating and practising as a nurse in the Philippines, Aries relocated to Australia in order to pursue her dream of becoming an operating theatre nurse.  

‘I’ve always wanted to be a nurse and I enjoy helping people’, she says. ‘I came to Australia because there is so much opportunity, and studying at UTAS will allow me to specialise after I graduate.’

Aries is now in her second year of a Bachelor of Nursing, an accredited course that will give her the knowledge and practical skills to work as a registered nurse in Australia. And she already feels so at home in Tasmania, that she’s planning to apply for permanent residency!

‘My long term goals are to graduate and work as a registered nurse in Tasmania, and then go on to specialise as an operating theatre nurse’, she says. 

Her favourite part of the Bachelor of Nursing is undoubtedly all of the practical experience where she can do what she loves most – care for her patients.

‘My first placement at the Launceston General Hospital was a definite highlight. I was able to apply theory in practice and build my nursing skills and professionalism’, she says. ‘It was a great learning experience, and I received really positive feedback from my supervisors.’

Aries is loving life at the Newnham campus in Launceston (in Tasmania’s north), a spacious 50-hectare campus that overlooks the beautiful Tamar River. ‘I love studying here,’ she says. ‘The atmosphere is really relaxed and the cost of living is very affordable.’

The Newnham Campus is home to the School of Health Sciences, where Aries has access to state-of-the-art facilities, including wireless human patient mannequins that replicate human symptoms, a twelve-bed simulation hospital ward, an intensive care unit, emergency department and operating theatre, and much more.

‘The simulation suite is a great place to learn, because you can gauge whether you’re doing the right procedures and measures, which improves your performance later on real patients’, she says.

Aries’ passion for helping people isn’t reserved to her studies. She also works as a volunteer for Red Cross Australia, where she provides companionship to elderly people within the local community. Additionally, she found a job through the UTAS career portal as a disability support worker, where she’s worked for almost three years now.

Aries was also accepted into the Vice Chancellor’s Leadership Program, a UTAS program which assists students with professional development and leadership skills. ‘It’s not just great for my resume, it’s helped me grow as a person, and develop my management and people skills’, she says.

Moving to a new country to study can be a challenging experience, so Aries took part in an English language course offered by the UTAS English Language Centre when she first arrived. ‘‘I had an amazing time meeting people from different countries, like India, China, Nepal and Japan’, she says. ‘I was able to learn about their cultures and even try their native foods! It was a great experience.’  

The great study-life balance is one of her favourite things about UTAS campus life. ‘I like Australian pub culture and unwinding with a drink at the end of the week, and I like going out with my friends – to the beach or countryside, partying at night and travelling around Tasmania’, she says.

Some of Aries’ most memorable adventures have been travelling around the state. ‘I’ve traveled to Hobart, Burnie, Devonport and the Huon Valley – I love travelling in Tasmania because of the incredible scenery and food, and I especially love the vineyards’, she says.

Aries feels so at home in Tasmania that she’s mapped out her long-term goals – including potentially studying a PhD at UTAS after practising and specialising in nursing.

Finally, she muses on whether she has had any regrets about her time so far in Tasmania. According to Aries, there’s only one – tasting Vegemite!

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