When Vietnamese student Uyen Luong wanted to advance her computing career, she looked no further than a Master of Information Technology and Systems (MITS) at the University of Tasmania (UTAS).

Uyen was inspired to take up a masters in order to specialise in technology as well as information systems. ‘I’d really like to get into the computer logistics field, and ideally work Australia – hopefully Tasmania, when I graduate,’ she says. 

After studying a Bachelor of Information Technology back home in Vietnam, the Hanoi local was attracted to Hobart’s reputation as a relaxed and student-friendly city. ‘I wanted to go to a stress-free location to study, as I’m a relaxed person and Hanoi is very crowded!’, she says.

And Uyen’s made herself well and truly at home in Hobart, thanks to the friendly and supportive atmosphere at UTAS. ‘Every time I need to know something, I ask the Student Centre or the library staff – they’re really helpful’, she says.

‘The IT faculty is really helpful too. The help desks in our engineering building, and our IT leader are all easy to talk to and available, even when they’re busy’, she says.

The MITS is a popular course for international students. ‘I found it quite hard initially’, says Uyen, ‘but after my first assignment, I felt a lot more comfortable. The international adviser was always there to help with any questions I had, and the lecturers became my friends – so every time I want to ask them something they are always available!’

Now coming towards the end of her first year at UTAS, Uyen feels well and truly at home. ‘I have been enjoying my study here. It’s especially enjoyable studying in the library or learning hubs,’ she says. ‘I also get good marks, so I’m happy!’

Her first days in Tasmania were made even more special through the support of the local Vietnamese community. ‘When I first came here, a local Vietnamese family helped me a lot’, she says. ‘They took me to Mount Wellington [an iconic Tasmanian destination with a stunning view of Hobart city] and introduced me to other local Vietnamese students.’

Uyen’s now involved in the Vietnamese Student’s Society, which has recently become an official society at UTAS. ‘I’ve met many friends there and enjoyed the open day last month. I’m looking forward to the Fiesta International Multicultural Night where we will have a stall, do performances and cook Vietnamese food with the support of a local Vietnamese restaurant’, she says. 

The Fiesta International Multicultural Night is a fun night where local and international students and people from the broader Hobart community get together to celebrate Hobart’s multiculturalism. The event showcases a variety of multicultural performances and a range of traditional food from around the world – so it’s no wonder why Uyen is so excited to be a part of it.

Uyen’s also enjoyed the Tasmania University Union’s (TUU) events, such as the orientation weeks that helped her get acquainted with the campus and student community. ‘The TUU also puts on events, like the trip to Mount Wellington and a visit to Bonorong Park [a zoo with a unique range of Tasmanian animals] which was great fun!’, she says.

It’s been a wonderful journey for Uyen so far – one that she documents by sending photos home to her parents. ‘I will go around the city and take pretty pictures and send them back home’, she says. ‘My parents think Tasmania looks so nice – and definitely much more relaxed compared to Hanoi!’

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