Studying overseas can be one of the most exciting, memorable and challenging experiences of your life. Here are our top ten tips to surviving your first year at UTAS.

1. Survive the elements!

Tasmania is renowned for an amazing array of outdoor activities, from surfing at stunning beaches and hiking through heritage forests, to exploring the snow at some of our iconic mountaintops – be prepared for an adventure! If you’re planning on exploring the outdoors, a swimsuit, hiking boots, sunblock, and super warm jackets are a great start.

Make new friends through clubs and societies at UTAS, and get ready to explore all that Tasmania has to offer.

Make new friends through clubs and societies at UTAS, and get ready to explore all that Tasmania has to offer.

2. Get ready to mingle

Tasmania is known for it’s welcoming, friendly folk – so get ready to make new friends! With plenty of student clubs and societies to join – it’s easy to meet people with similar interests. There’s also the Community Friends and Networks Programme which organises fun excursions all year round and allows you to explore Tasmania through the eyes of a local.

3. Support is only a step away

Moving to a new country and starting study at a new university are rewarding and big changes – that’s why we have a team of International Student Advisers to support you along the way! There are also orientation week workshops to help you get started. These offer introductory sessions, workshops on study skills (like note-taking) and help you familiarise yourself with the online resources.

4. A bucket list of adventure!

As one of Australia’s most popular tourism destinations, there’s no shortage of awesome things to discover in Tasmania. From the world-renowned MONA museum and Wineglass Bay, to an exciting array of year-round festivals and community events, start making a bucket list of exciting Tasmanian things to do so that you can brag to your friends back home.

5. Not used to studying in English? No worries!

If English isn’t your first language, or you just want to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed in your studies – we’ve got the support you need! The UTAS Peer-Assisted Study Scheme (PASS) is a great way to learn in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. The Student Learning Service also runs a number of FREE workshops that can help you develop better study and English skills.

6. Sort out a budget

A simple way to begin is budgeting is by dividing your savings by the amount of weeks you’ll be overseas – then you can see whether you have enough to cover your basics. Tune into this blog to stay updated on the best cheap or free things to do in Hobart, such as our post on the Top Ten Cheap Eats in Hobart.

7. Get part-time or volunteer work129314 Market volunteers

A part time job is a great way to top up your budget, but more importantly, a local job whether volunteering or paid can help you meet locals, work as part of team, practice your English and learn local customs! Working alongside your study also looks great on your CV.

8. Scholarships & Bursaries

UTAS has a generous scholarships programme that could help make your financial life a little easier while studying abroad – check out if you’re eligible to apply here!


9. You’re never far from home

Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook – there’s no shortage of ways to stay connected to your family and friends back home in real time. It’s normal to be a bit nervous moving into a new environment, but trust us, your family will be jealous when you send them Snapchats of you hugging a wombat – we promise!

10. Learn the lingo!

Arriving at university for the first time can feel like you have landed on a different planet. It’s not just that you may have to deal with a completely new language and accent, but suddenly there are all these weird university-specific terms like ‘enabling programs’ and ‘foundation studies’. Have a look at our glossary of university terms to help get you started.

Now you’ve got ten tips to prepare you for overseas study, so what are you waiting for?

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