This week is the big Orientation Week – that very first week in your new life at uni when, wham!, you’ve arrived in a new country, moved into a new home, are getting lost every time your turn a corner, AND have a long list of orientation events you need to jam into a single week.

But the most useful part of Orientation Week is making friends and creating new networks. And the Explorer team is here to help you get social.

Drop by our International Orientation Student booth this week at our Sandy Bay or Invermay campus, chat with the staff and other students, and have your picture taken with one of our social media cutouts. Post your picture to the matching social media channel and use the hashtag #newlifeUTAS or #startmynewyearUTAS.

Make sure you follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter or Weibo and tag in your friends to let them know that your new life at the University of Tasmania is about to get started. The student with the most likes on their post will receive a UTAS survival pack which includes an Apple iPod touch and heaps of other cool stuff.

Try and get as many likes by Friday 3rd March 2017  – it’s that easy!

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