With University of Tasmania architecture students recently being touted as some of the best in Australia – there’s never been a better time to apply to study at our prestigious School of Architecture and Design! 

But applying for architecture courses can seem intimidating, after all, you have to figure out how to put together a professional-looking portfolio.

Fear not! The University of Tasmania School of Architecture and Design has just released an easy-to-follow, plain-English guide explaining the requirements around portfolios: Portfolio Advice for Bachelor of Environmental Design or Master of Architecture.

The guide covers what should be included in the student’s portfolio: scope of work, structure and organisation, file type and size and an example of a good portfolio.

But there’s more good news – if a student studies the Bachelor of Environmental Design (Architecture) at the University of Tasmania and has a credit average they are not required to submit a portfolio when applying for the Master of Architecture.  To become recognised as an architect, students study both an undergraduate course and a masters course, totalling 5 years.

So join the ranks of some of Australia’s most creative architecture students and graduates and enquire now, or submit your application today!