1. Hobart is the second-driest capital city in Australia. It receives about half as much rain per year as Sydney.


2. Tasmania isn’t small – it’s similar in size to the Republic of Ireland or Sri Lanka.

3. Tasmania is situated closer to the equator than Rome or Chicago.

4. The Tasmanian devil, which is only found in Tasmania, is the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial.


5. Unlike Australia’s mainland states, Tasmania enjoys four true seasons — it’s possible to swim at the beach off the main campus in summer and make snowmen in winter!


6. More than 42 per cent of Tasmania is World Heritage Area, national park and marine or forest reserves.


7. Tasmania has water so pure it produces the only bottled rain water approved by health departments around the world.*

Cape Grim

8. Lomatia tasmanica, or King’s lomatia, is a self-cloning shrub found in Tasmania. Stands of the clone are believed to be as old as 43,600 years old, reputedly making it the world’s oldest living plant clone.

kings lomatia

9. Tasmania has 69 golf courses — more per capita than any other state in Australia. It also has the oldest golf course in the southern hemisphere.


10. Tasmanians travel the shortest distances of any Australian workers between their homes and their jobs.


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*Cape Grim bottled water is approved by the health departments of the USA, EU, Australia and Japan.