Have waterfront views in Sydney while you study a degree at a sandstone university! If you’re interested in a secure and exciting career path, and want to study in the best location in the world, we have a perfect solution for you!

The highly ranked University of Tasmania’s Australian Maritime College is opening a campus in Sydney!

Maritime degrees in Sydney!

AMC Sydney is based at Sydney’s iconic Darling Harbour in the centre of Sydney. From this stunning location, AMC Sydney will be offering two masters level courses from its Sydney study centre starting in February 2019.

Master of Engineering (Maritime Design)

If you’ve got a background in engineering, the Master of Engineering (Maritime Design) is perfect for you. The degree is designed for engineering professionals who want a career in the technical management of maritime engineering projects, including those in maritime defence, naval platform development and autonomous underwater vehicles.

MBA (Advanced) (Maritime and Logistics Management)

For those with a head for business, consider the Master of Business Administration (Advanced) in Maritime and Logistics Management. This is a business-oriented program that will equip you with a high level of understanding of the logistics and maritime industries and prepares you to undertake senior management positions in these industries.

Dream Location

Darling Harbour, in the centre of Sydney, is an iconic location for the national maritime sector and Sydney is the centre of operations for the Royal Australian Navy. This premier position offers you prominent exposure to recreational, commercial and naval activities in the area. It will also provide you with access to internships and project work within these sectors.

If you’re interested in postgraduate maritime or business studies, and like the idea of a front row view of Sydney Harbour while you study, enquire now about the AMC Sydney options.