ISC Affiliated Researchers win ANZAM Award


ISC Affiliated Researchers Associate Professor Martin Grimmer and Dr Dennis Grube (now at Cambridge University) have just been awarded with the Best Overall Paper Award at the 2016 Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Conference, held at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.

Their paper Political Branding: A Consumer Perspective on Australian Political Parties beat over 460 refereed paper submissions to the conference.

The cross-disciplinary research, which combines consumer behaviour with political science, pioneered a mixed-method approach to understanding how voters, as consumers, react to political party brands.

Paper Abstract

A range of marketing concepts, particularly branding and brand equity, are increasingly used to understand voter behaviour. This study uses a mixed method approach to examine how perceptions of party attributes are translated into party ‘brands’ in the minds of Australian voters. An sample of 200 voters were asked what words or phrases came to mind when they thought of each of four Australian Federal political parties. The strength of associations for each party, elicited from this sample, was then validated on a broader sample of 1015 voters, in addition to whether the association was positive, neutral or negative. Data revealed distinct brand associations for each party, and the extent of penetration and brand equity across sub-groups of voters.

The award was presented by the President of ANZAM at the Conference Excellence Awards ceremony.

Pictured are Professor Kate Kearins (ANZAM President) and Associate Professor Martin Grimmer receiving the award.

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