Attitudes towards sourcing, consuming and producing food: Report 52

Findings from the Fourth General Survey of The Tasmania Project (TTP4) show that more respondents eat dairy (95%) than red meat (82%) and seafood (77%). About two in three respondents eat red meat, dairy and seafood as part of their diet. For respondents who consume these food types, dairy seems to be the most important in respondents’ diets, followed by seafood and red meat.

While the most common places to buy food in Tasmania are major (89%), minor or independent supermarkets (72%), 56% of respondents grow their own food, 30% buy it at local farmers markets, and 18% buy it from the farm gate or wharf.

In the last five years, more respondents reduced their consumption of red meat than dairy or seafood. In this same period, most respondents indicate they have become more conscious of where red meat, dairy and seafood are sourced, and more interested in the animal welfare practices and environmental management practices associated with production.

The most important factors for respondents when buying red meat, dairy and seafood are:

  • a fair price is paid to the farmer/fisher
  • it comes from Tasmanian farms/fishers
  • it comes from farms that either prioritise animal health and welfare or environmental stewardship and land care.

Read the full report here.

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