New PhD Student – Suzana Nashkova

As noted in the CLG Annual Report 2015-2016, the centre has recently welcomed a new student who has relocated from Macedonia to undertake a PhD in the field of intellectual property law. Suzana Nashkova will conduct her research under supervision from Professor Dianne Nicol and Dr Jane Nielsen. The investigation primarily concerns the interface between intellectual property and competition law in the specific area of ‘know-how’. This is a topical area of research that was highlighted in a recent debate between The Honourable Michael Kirby AC, CMG and University of Tasmania Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Rathjen and facilitated by CLG director, Professor Nicol. The debate concerned the appropriate balance that is required between access to pharmaceuticals and other health benefits and protection for those health-related inventions granted by virtue of intellectual property laws.

 You can view Suzana’s past publications from her profile. More detailed information about her investigation will be available as her research progresses.

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