Chalmers Presentation – Legal and Ethical Challenges of Precision Medicine in Hong Kong

Last week, Professor Donald Chalmers presented at the Conference on the Legal & Ethical Challenges of Precision Medicine at The University of Hong Kong. The Conference was held on the 7 – 8 April 2016, jointly hosted by the University of Cambridge Centre for law, Medicine and the Life Science and The University of Hong Kong Centre for Medical Ethics and Law. The conference was an impressive launch of the collaboration between both centres and the promise of academic and professional bridges across continents in the global challenges of achieving the promises of precision medicine.

Professor Chalmers presented on recent work of the CLG in connection with other collaborators in a session entitled ‘Has the Biobank Bubble Burst, A Translational Challenge?’. This question was first posed by Professors Chalmers, Nicol and Kaye at a conference in 2015 at Oxford, and this second presentation illustrated the investigation we have undertaken since that time, comparing the differences in pressures and responses relating to biobanks in a number of countries.


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