Recent MyLO features

MyLO is on a continuous delivery model, which means each month there are updates to tools and bug fixes. To view all updates you can read the materials each month found in the D2L Documentation link found in your unit under Admin & Help. Be aware that we do not have access to all tools and widgets shown in these documents:

D2L Support Documentation

Below are a few new items that may be of interest to  teaching staff:

  • Lecturers can now easily hide an assignment from students while undertaking moderation, or while the assessment is being created. More information on this new feature can be found here:
  • You can now easily shuffle the order of quiz questions to discourage cheating in your quiz. This can be done on the properties. Tick the option to Shuffle order of questions at the quiz level and press Save. Once done the Shuffle icon will appear next to the question:

Select the Shuffle Order of questions

  • Lecturers now have the ability to post a new discussion thread to all the associated groups at once from within a group discussion topic.

Lecturers can now post to all discussion groups at once


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