New to MyLO: The Course Catalog

This year rather than all staff and students being enrolled in a number of non-award and professional development units, we are using the Course Catalog so that you can choose which of these units to have access too.

The Course Catalog enables you to pick and choose a number of units for you to self-enrol in. Once you enrol in these units they will appear in your list of units within MyLO immediately. These units can then be accessed from the waffle in the navigation bar or you can pin them so they appear in your My Units widget on your homepage.

There are a number of programs with units in the Course Catalog that are specifically directed towards students, staff or particular colleges and schools.

Units that may be of interest if you are not already enrolled are:

  • Getting Started in MyLO
  • Turnitin & Academic Honesty unit
  • Work, Health and Safety Unit ( all new staff and students should complete this unit)
  • IT Security Unit
  • Recordkeeping at the University
  • Animal Ethics Training

You can self-enrol by pressing on the Course Catalog widget on the homepage in MyLO, or by going to the course catalog directly here:

More information on the catalog can be found here:

Note: If you find any links from within a navigation bar in MyLO that lead you to specific units ( such as the Turnitin unit) and get an  error message stating “Not Authorised” this may be due to the fact that you are not enrolled in that unit. Look it up in the Course catalog and enrol, and you should then no longer receive this message.



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