MyLO Zoom Integration is Here!

Following the recent communication from the Academic Division we are excited to announce Zoom LTI Integration is now available in MyLO units.

During Semester One Blackboard Collaborate will remain available for use.  The new Zoom Integration will provide an opportunity for you to become familiar with using Zoom within your units, and provides a secure mechanism for our students to access Zoom sessions and recordings.

Key Points:

  • Staff will be able to schedule Zoom meetings from within their MyLO units
  • Staff clicking on the Zoom link within a unit will automatically be added as alternative hosts to all Zoom meetings scheduled for the unit
  • Staff and students will be able to access Zoom meetings via the unit’s calendar
  • Cloud recordings of Zoom meetings will automatically be added to the unit’s linked Echo360 section, plus the host’s Echo360 library
  • The Zoom integration supports whiteboards, breakout groups, polls, chat, sharing of files, screens, and apps, has a timer feature for breakout groups, and supports the pausing and restarting of recordings
  • Currently this integration will not automate the use of Zoom rooms
  • The “Web Conferencing” link under the Communication menu on Unit home pages has been retitled “Collaborate Web Conferencing”, to avoid confusion

Technical help guides have been developed and added to the MyLO home page:

Staff Guides:

Student Guides:

Additional support regarding the use of Zoom within the curriculum is currently being developed.

Should you require any assistance regarding the Zoom LTI in your MyLO units please contact your College Educational Developers and Technologists, or for technical issues please log a job through the Service Portal using the Request Support for Learning Management Systems (MyLO) form


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