Removal of Additional Students Tab in MyLO Manager

As from 4:30 pm on Wednesday 15 September 2021 the Additional Students Tab in MyLO Manager will be removed.

The introduction of Real Time enrolment integration between Student Management and MyLO has minimised the requirement to add students via the Additional Students tab in MyLO Manager.

Adding students via this tab overrides Student Management/MyLO Integration.  A student enrolled via this tab will never be correctly enrolled in a MyLO unit by integration, and should they withdraw or be unenrolled in Student Management they will not be removed from the MyLO unit.   This leads to issues during results finalisation, where a student is showing as being current in MyLO Grade Book with completed assessments but are no longer enrolled in the unit in Student Management.

Following discussion TELT Governance Group resolved to remove access to the Additional Students tab to minimise instances of inconsistency between Student Management enrolments and MyLO units (Resolution 24-08-2021_TGG_16623-9985).

Should a student need urgent access to a MyLO unit, please contact your Digital Futures team members (Educational Technologists or Educational Developers) or alternatively log a job through the Service Portal using the “Request Support for Learning Management Systems (MyLO) form


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