We are excited to share details of key milestones which have been reached in the University’s Northern Transformation Program.


Our development application for Stage One of the Inveresk Precinct Plan (the Library and Student Services building) was approved by Launceston City Council on 17 October. Councillors voted in favour of the development which was a welcome endorsement of the benefits this project will drive in the North.

This marks a significant step towards bringing our Inveresk vision to life. The move will allow us to build new partnerships with the community and industry to help meet the future needs of this unique region. It will create connections to the city and offer distinct learning experiences for generations to come.

We now progress towards the following steps for Inveresk in 2020:

  • Construction commencing mid-year on the Library and Student Services building at Inveresk, with procurement released in mid-January
  • Construction of a pedestrian and cycle footbridge to link the CBD; the development application will be considered at Council on 14 November, with procurement already released as a design and construct project
  • Development of new operating models in Launceston and confirmation of College and Division space requirements
  • Design development for Stage 2 and 3 buildings on both sides of the river, including prototyping opportunities for new spaces
  • Consultation on Newnham and Inveresk master planning options

West Park:

Following approval of the development application in April, early-works have now started on our regionally embedded campus at West Park. Construction firm Fairbrother is undertaking a site establishment process which will lead into full construction. This key stage of the project is expected to begin early next year.

Cradle Coast campus staff are participating in the final stages of the detailed design phase that is informing the appearance and furnishings of the new internal spaces.

The development of regionally-distinctive, place-based courses which will be exclusively offered in Burnie is continuing. This work aligns closely with the new campus operating model we are developing – an approach that will reinvigorate how education is delivered to reflect how the people of the North-West want to engage with further learning.

Work is also underway to develop education, social and cultural integration opportunities on site.

Importantly, these activities will help foster increased community engagement that will contribute to the vibrancy of the precinct now and into the future.

Collectively, these are exciting developments for the North and North-West. The new campuses at Inveresk and West Park are providing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help drive long-lasting positive change across our communities, foster better educational outcomes and improve the lives of Tasmanians.

In the coming months, there will be more opportunities to get involved with the project as it develops. Keep up to date by visiting utas.edu.au/transformation or visit the Northern Transformation project team at Station Cottage, Inveresk.

Artist's Impression: Aerial image of West Park

Artist’s Impression: Aerial image of West Park

Artist's Impression: West Park view to courtyard

Artist’s Impression: West Park view to courtyard

Artist's Impression: Library and Student Services at Inveresk

Artist’s Impression: Library and Student Services at Inveresk

Artist's Impression: Library and Student Services at Inveresk

Artist’s Impression: Library and Student Services at Inveresk