On Saturday 11 May, the first of a series of ‘Seed Points’ was installed at Inveresk by artist Dr Linda Erceg. The Ephemeral Art Project will grow and evolve over the course of a year, as part of the University of Tasmania’s Northern Transformation.

Precinct visitors can view Seed Point 1 hanging and winding through the entrance to the School of Architecture, through the hallway and across the foyer window. To make these art works, Linda has collected and manipulated many recycled plastics, including game fishing line, drinking straws, garden tubing and mesh, cable and truck rope, rubber, irrigation polypipe and cable ties.

Linda has cut, stitched, woven and heat-treated her materials in order to transform them into organic forms. Natural light creates a beautiful effect through the branches, webs and nests of colourful pods, the components weaving thoughtfully through their surrounding space, entwined in the built environment. To achieve this scale of work, Linda was expertly assisted by her chief installer Les Allester and UTAS Fine Art student Christie Lange.

Dr Erceg is pleased with the first of her six stages coming to life and looks forward to continuing the project.

“It’s wonderful to have Seed Point 1 installed and looking so fabulous, with such a good response from the Inveresk community” Dr Erceg said. “It’s been a real privilege to work with the many unique features of the Architecture building, both inside and out. While I start with a detailed design plan, much of the final shape of my installation is created as a response to the space that I am working with.

This helps me decide the patterns, shapes and scale that the particular ‘growths’ will take and how they interact with their environment. It also gives me the chance to take advantage of serendipity, like the wind moving through the outdoor elements, creating a kinetic effect as they move overhead. I look forward to more surprises as I work with a range of structures and spaces across the Inveresk campus.”

‘Seed Point 2’ will be installed in July, located outside the School of Creative Arts. Visitors can follow the progress of Morphologica via Linda’s Instagram @erceglinda and keep an eye out for new growth and offshoots as they appear!

Image credits: Morphologica, Seed Point 1 2019, installation at Architecture and Design, UTAS Inveresk campus, photographs by Linda Erceg.

HallwayGreen pod Window student Outdoor entrance Oudoor detail1 Hallway students Window detail