The University and the City of Launceston have worked collaboratively to develop a parking solution for the whole of the Inveresk Precinct that serves the public demand and provides additional car spaces to meet increased demand due to the relocation of the University.  The parking plan responds to demand across the Inveresk precinct and includes the Willis Street site. It provides a multi-location car park response to distribute traffic across the precinct.

Inveresk Precinct Parking Plan – March 2020 (PDF – 429KB)

Inveresk Precinct Parking Plan

Northern car park redevelopment Inveresk - Proposed design March 2020

Northern car park redevelopment Inveresk – Proposed design March 2020

The suitability of the proposed parking plan, which includes an expansion of existing car spaces onto the land leased by the Show Society, will be considered by the City of Launceston at its meeting on Thursday March 19.  Subject to the City of Launceston’s agreement, the University will develop an 852-space car park in the northern end of the precinct around the Round House and on land occupied by the Show Society. The Show Society is expected to vacate the area following the 2020 Royal Launceston Show, with construction occurring between November 2020 and mid-2021. The development of the car park will be subject to the statutory planning and building development processes.

The car park in the northern end of the precinct will have substantial landscaping and has linkages to current cycle and pedestrian pathways. The car park region has been assessed for heritage values and the existing railway turntable will be retained. The design can be viewed below.

The northern car park will provide increased capacity to support major events around the Precinct and will be linked by the Tiger Bus service. It also encourages active transport options to and from the city. The University is committed to promoting alternative modes of transport and will work with the community to advance this in future years.

The University will make a substantial investment to provide 1,101 car parking spaces within twelve months to provide car spaces to meet the anticipated demand between 2021 and 2027. This includes the provision of 527 public car spaces which is based upon the Council’s demand analysis. As the University’s student and staff numbers grow towards the goal of 10,000 students, a further 272 spaces will be provided by the University between 2027 and 2032.

The development of the Inveresk Campus includes the activation of half of the circle carpark near the QVMAG for community recreational activities, but retains public carparking too. There will be 70 car spaces provided at the Willis Street site for UTAS uasge. The footbridge currently being constructed over the North Esk River linking the Inveresk and Willis Street sites will provide opportunities for easier non-car commuting around the precinct and will also link with anticipated end of trip facilities for bikes.