New Features in Echo360

Following approval by the TELT Governance Group, the following new features have been introduced in Echo360:

Automatic transfer of ASR Transcripts to the CC track in Echo360 Media

Echo360 Collections can now be created by Echo360 Instructors

  • Collections are designed to be collaborative Echo360 spaces where specific people (members) are brought together to view, post, or otherwise work with the media in the collection. They can be used to hold Echo360 recordings for a unit or course, or could be used to provide a better structure within a user’s Echo360 library
  • Collections enable media to be shared across multiple users, removing the requirement for the owner of media to be the only person who can embed the media in D2L Brightspace or edit the media
  • Anyone with an Instructor role can now create a Collection within Echo360, eliminating the need to lodge a ticket via the Service Portal
  • When you create a Collection in Echo360 you will automatically be assigned a Manager role within the Collection and be able to add other colleagues with varying permission levels
  • Further information regarding creating and managing Collections is available in our staff help guide


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