Updates in MyLO August 2022

The following new features are now available in MyLO:

H5P Single Sign On

  • The H5P portal now recognises your normal UTAS email and password
  • When accessing H5P directly via the URL https://mylo-utas.h5p.com you will no longer need to create or remember a seperate password
  • If you have authenticated into the UTAS environment previously there is no longer any need to reauthenticate to access the H5P portal
  • If you have not previously used H5P you will need to create your H5P account first by pressing on insert stuff in a MyLO content page and selecting H5P

D2L (MyLO) New Quiz Creation Experience

  • D2L have updated the create and edit experience for quizzes to replicate the layout of the assignment creation experience
  • The primary panel on the left contains commonly used features, with advanced features in expandable panels on the right
  • All features available in the classic experience can be accessed in the new experience
  • You can choose to opt in and out of the new experience
  • An overview of the new the experience is available here
Screenshot of a quiz using the new quiz experience

D2L (MyLO) Copying Assignments

  • Users with an appropriate role can now copy assignments and associated attributes from one unit to another from within the assignments tool
  • This change means assignments can quickly be copied without needing to use the full export/import functionality
  • A detailed help guide is available here

D2L (MyLO) Pronouns

  • Pronouns are now visible in unit classlists if students or staff have opted to share these in their MyLO Settings

PebblePad Updates

  • The same feature banner can now be applied automatically to all pages in a workbook or portfolio
  • Submission Viewer 2 is now fully featured and is the default option when creating new assignments or workspaces. More information regarding Submission Viewer 2 is available in this PebblePad resource


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