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What is a blog

A blog is an online journal or diary contributed to on an ongoing basis by one or more people. It generally focusses on a particular subject, and entries are displayed in reverse chronological order. A blog can have embedded hyperlinks, images, videos and podcasts, and as in a forum, can be open to readers’ comments.

Getting the most out of your blog

If you want people to read your blog:

  • keep it up-to-date by having a regular posting schedule – people look at the publishing dates of recent posts. By keeping a regular schedule you show you’re committed to the content
  • keep the content relevant to your audience
  • optimise for SEO and search
  • promote your blog on social channels
  • edit for spelling and grammar mistakes
  • write engaging headlines.

Do I need a blog?

Take a look below at some examples of UTAS using blogs:

How do I request a blog?

You can request a blog through the Service Desk.

Blog Resources

Discover blog basics with Teaching and Learning eLearning resources. Find out about using blogs in education, blog techniques and strategies, and example blogs from other universities.

Get comfy with WordPress blogging software

Not familiar with WordPress? Don’t worry –  there are some great WordPress sites and resources out on the Internet to help you


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