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What is a blog

A blog is an online journal or diary contributed to on an ongoing basis by one or more people. It generally focusses on a particular subject, and entries are displayed in reverse chronological order. A blog can have embedded hyperlinks, images, videos and podcasts, and as in a forum, can be open to readers’ comments.

Getting the most out of your blog

If you want people to read your blog:

  • keep it up-to-date by having a regular posting schedule – people look at the publishing dates of recent posts. By keeping a regular schedule you show you’re committed to the content
  • keep the content relevant to your audience
  • optimise for SEO and search
  • promote your blog on social channels
  • edit for spelling and grammar mistakes
  • write engaging headlines.

Do I need a blog?

Take a look below at some examples of UTAS using blogs:

Do I need a blog and how do I request a blog?

For more information refer to the Web Services Intranet.

For more advice or to request a blog, submit a ticket through the Service Portal.

Get comfy with WordPress blogging software

Not familiar with WordPress? Don’t worry –  there are some great WordPress sites and resources out on the Internet to help you


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