Characteristics of an effective nursing clinical instructor

How to be an effective nurse supervisor, clinical teacher, coach, mentor, preceptor or facilitator is the main focus of this blog. Over the years I have written about what factors contribute to effective learning for students, how to be an effective teacher, what factors contribute to effective learning and teaching.  The topics have been broad including taking into account cultural diversity, teamwork, belongingness, reducing anxiety, generational cohort and so on… the archive attests there is plenty to review if you would like a succinct summary or helpful tips to enhance your knowledge and skills in nurse supervision. This weeks blog relates to exploring what are the characteristics of an effective clinical instructor? Collier (2018) undertook an integrative review to analyse the effectiveness of nursing clinical teaching.  She found 37 articles from 1985 to present that met the inclusion criteria.  The author found there were three dominant themes that contributed to the effectiveness of clinical teaching. These themes were competency, ability to develop interpersonal relationships and desirable personality traits. The article describes these themes in detail, however, the most useful information found was from the student perspective approachability is key. The ability to build positive relationships with their students is important for learning. The review also found that through time studies found approachability became more important than competency. Collier (attributes) this change to age of students and the  increase in access to digital information from faculty and others. The author also noted there has been little recent study into the learning needs of millennial students, as these may be different from past students.

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