New Features and Improvements – Echo360

Updated Login Workflow

EchoVideo login page with fields for logging in as described

Updated EchoPlayer (everywhere except LIVE)

Updated Classroom Player as described

The player has been updated at long last to be consistent across all implementations of the player. It will be the player you see when accessing a Classroom, the Details Page, an Embed, the Editors, etc. with the same interface and controls in all areas of EchoVideo. Additionally, some new/improved capabilities for the updated player include:

  • New layout tools for multi-channel content
  • Responsive design down to mobile device sizes
  • Additional filtering tools in the Notes and Discussions

Updated Details Page and Sharing workflow

Updated Publishing tab from the Media Details page as described

The Sharing tab of the Details Page has been renamed “Publishing” to encompass and better define content that has been shared with others and content that has been posted into a Class or Collection. All management of publishing information will now be done from this tab of the Details Page.

The Share modal now only contains quick access to be able to create a new share link, embed, or individual. A new Add To modal for adding content to Classes, Collections, etc. will be coming soon.

Updated Easy Embed

Updated Easy Embed panel as described

A new interface and additional options for the Easy Embed are here. The initial load page now displays all the options you have always had, but in a friendlier way with descriptions for users unfamiliar with the process. The search and filter panel of the media picker is now always open for quicker access and we have added the ability to filter by Section and Date Range.

Playlists from the Easy Embed workflow

Multi-select content within the Easy Embed modal in your LMS and embed it as a Playlist.

Further information can be found in the MyLO Staff Guides.

Virtual Backgrounds for Browser Capture

Library Virtual Backgrounds selected and shown in Browser Capture

Users can now select from a list of available virtual backgrounds when capturing video using Browser Capture.

See EchoVideo: Recording with Browser Capture for more information.

Audio Normalization for Browser Capture

Audio Normalization shown in Browser Capture

All recordings done with Browser Capture now come with automatic audio normalization.

Our Echo360 Staff Guides have been updated to reflect these changes.


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